We just started out the new year and it’s time to evaluate your life, right? You dread going to work everyday or maybe you are looking for a new job? Is your new year resolution for 2019 ‘finding a good and fun job?’ Let us help you! Where do you start looking for a job, how do you do that and why can WENA help you?


When you go to ‘Google’ and search for job agency in Helmond, you will find WENA. What makes us different from the rest? We also provide jobs, but we listen to your personal preferences.

The large amount of our clients are looking for employers for the long term. First you will work for us, but after a few months the company will take you over, if both parties agree. That way you can see if you like the job and the company can check if you match their team; it is a win/win situation!


But that is not the answer to the main question: why WENA? For us the answer is simple, but our clients sometimes seem surprised by the outcome.

Not that long ago, we changed our motto to ‘Werelds met mensen’, translating to ‘Worldly with people’. People; that is our trademark. We work for yóu. We get motivated by people. A personal approach for every candidate, but also towards the companies.


At WENA you get our complete and professional attention; we take the time to get to know you. Not only your work experience is relevant, also your personality and motivation is important for the next job. What are your wishes and demands for a new job and employer?

Next to that we give you advice; whether it is about adapting your cv or tips for a job interview.

We know our clients well, that way we can make a good match.


After placing a candidate we stay in touch. WENA thinks it’s important to be involved and help where needed to make the placement more successful.

If a candidate is not happy at the company or the job is not what you expected; we have a big network of other companies so we can help you find a different job at a different company.


Approach us now to schedule an appointment to get to know each other. Maybe together we can find your dreamjob!