Personal strength of Wena

How does Wena reach her target group best? As a team we often wonder and brainstorm the best options to help our (future) candidates. For years, Wena strives for the best customer service and we would like to go along with our time. What can we do to make it easier for you and, as a professional agency, advise you best?

To start: all of our services have grown ‘normal’ to us; but do you know them?

Recently we reintroduced our CV services, with a huge success! A lot of our candidates asked us for help, putting a CV together and together we succeeded! With the candidates made a collected resumé for our clients. Making a CV is hard; what do you put on there, and what do you leave out? We help you! For free!

Also, we offer our employees the possibility to meet with us after business hours, we also offer that to our new candidates. Do you prefer to meet after 5 p.m.? No problem! Our team is flexible and doesn’t mind meeting you later, to find the perfect job for you!

As a modern company, we are active on social media. You can find Wena on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter ánd Instagram. Besides our job offers, you can find interesting articles about the branch or features about the region. Look for Wena BV on the web!

What about you? Do you have tips for us to be of better service? Please let us know!

You can send us an e-mail: or send a message to 06-46123820. Of course you can reach us by phone: 0492-507979.